1272 modele można było zobaczyć na 13 Inowrocławskim Konkursie Modelarskim 27-28 kwietnia 2019
16 listopada 2019 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
Rok 2018 ISMR otrzymał 152 wyróżnienia, 42 puchary i nagrody specjalne za swoje modele
Oszczędzając pracę żony, jedz gotowe makarony !
16 listopada 2019 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
Rok 2018 ISMR - otrzymał 152 wyróżnienia, 42 puchary i nagrody specjalne za swoje modele
Nie pij wódki, nie pij wina, sklej model, casu nima
8-10 listopada 2019 ŁAMBINOWICE - XVIII Konkurs Modeli Redukcyjnych
9-10 listopada 2019 DĘBLIN - 2 Ogólnopolski Miting Modelarski

14 Inowrocławski Konkurs Modelarski

Inowroclavian Scale Modelers Contest

In matter of precisive judgement of each model and limited time for judges, only 10 first models registered in each category will be accepted.
One modeler can register maximum two models.
Models can be made of any material including: polistyren, metal, sheet, wood, paper, resin.
Models will be judged by at least three judges by granting points due to contest rules given by the Organizer.
General classification will contain each model's score.
Only best model of particular modeler will be awarded.
Model with the highest score is the winning one.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded.
For each model, documentation of building is obligatory.

Models classes:

MKS-1 Paper Planes and Helicopters.
MKP-1 Paper Vehicles.

MPS-1 Plastic Planes 1/72 scale.
MPS-2 Plastic Planes 1/48 and bigger scale.
MPS-3 Plastic Helicopters in every scale.

MPP-1 Plastic Vehicles 1/48 and smaller scale.
MPP-2 Plastic Vehicles 1/35 and bigger scale.

Documentation of plastic model should contain:
- model schemes (in 4 plans),
- pictures and/or photos documenting particular painting,
- photo-documentation of elements built from scratch or made with use of photoetched or resin accesories etc.
- in case of handmade parts or model construction modifications, any changes should be supported with pictures of original, real-life parts
- any usage effects made on model should be supported with pictures for judge to compare if those might be possible in reality
- contestant presence is not mandatory but it's to be desired, so a modeler could explain to judge his work
- Judge Committee works together but each judge fills his evaluation sheet individually
- points for each model are summed by Secretary Judge
- evaluation is checked and approved by Chief Judhe

Plastic models evaluation points rules:

I. Quality
    1. Difficulty level - 0-5pts.
    2. Geometry, cleanness and accuracy of build - 0-5pts.
    3. Amount and quality of handmade parts - 0-12pts.
    4. Quality of assembling resin and photoetched parts - 0-7pts.
    5. Quality of building crew compartment and cargo space - 0-10pts.
    6. Engine and drive train - 0-12pts.
    8. Chassis - 0-8pts.
    7. External gear and armament - 0-10pts.

II. Paintjob and decals
    9. Compatibility with original and delivered documentation - 0-17pts.
    10. Surfaces quality, paint texture, decals quality - 0-4 pts.

III. Usage effects
    11. Performance of documented usage effects - 0-10pts.

Paper models evaluation points rules:

1. Difficulty level - 0-15pts.
2. Model's geometry - 0-20pts.
3. Parts fitting - 0-10pts.
4. Quality of surface shaping - 0-10pts.
5. Edges retouch:*
    - color selection - 0-5pts.
    - retouch completeness - 0-5pts.
6. Cleanness of build* - 0-10pts.
7. Non-paper parts predicted by manual:
    - quality - 0-8pts.
    - paint - 0-7pts.
8. Additional parts, unpredicted by manual but documented on photos / schemes - 0-10pts.

*For totally painted or built from scratch models:
5. Quality of painted surfaces - 0-10pts.
6. Usage effects -

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