1235 modeli można było zobaczyć na 12 Inowrocławskim Konkursie Modelarskim 19-20 maja 2018
27 października 2018 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
Rok 2017 ISMR otrzymał 170 wyróżnień, 42 puchary i nagrody specjalne za swoje modele
Oszczędzając pracę żony, jedz gotowe makarony !
27 październik 2018 Inowrocławskie Spotkanie Modelarzy Redukcyjnych
Rok 2018 ISMR - 330 wyróżnionych modele i 13 pucharów i nagród specjalnych
Nie pij wódki, nie pij wina, sklej model, casu nima

12 Inowrocławski Konkurs Modelarski

Plastic Models Festival

Plastic Models Festival
contractual term because plastic models predominate, but in these categories can be models made of any material

There is no division on standard and upgraded models.
No documentation is needed.
One modeler can register any amount of models but only the best in particular class model of his will be awarded.
Classes will be judged no matter of the registered models ammount.
Judge committee will grant three equal awards. In case of higher or lower amount of models deserving to be awarded, the number of awards can be changed with the consent of Chief Judge.
Judge committee decisions are definitive and not to be argued with.
Organizer accept fusing or splitting classes if amount of registered models makes that possibility.

Plastic Models Classes:

PS-21 Planes
PS-22 Helicopters
PP-21 Tracked vehicles
PP-22 Wheeled vehicles
PM-21 Ships
PF-21 Figures

PS-31 Planes and helicopters 1/444 scale
PS-32 Planes created untill 1930
PS-33 Planes with airscrew propulsion 1/72 and smaller
PS-34 Planes with airscrew propulsion 1/48 and bigger
PS-35 Jet planes 1/72 and smaller
PS-36 Jet planes 1/48 and bigger
PS-37 Helicopters 1/72 and smaller
PS-38 Helicopters 1/48 and bigger
PS-39 Civilian planes
PS-40 Spaceships

PF-31 Figures 89mm (1/21) and smaller
PF-32 Figures >89mm
PF-33 Fantasy figures
PF-34 Torsos

PP-31 Tanks and APC's 1/72
PP-32 Tanks and APC's 1/35
PP-33 Wheeled vehicles 1/72
PP-34 Wheeled vehicles 1/35
PP-35 Self-propelled artillery 1/72 and 1/48
PP-36 Self-propelled artillery 1/35
PP-37 Tracked and wheeled vehicles 1/48
PP-38 Artillery
PP-39 Rail vehicles

PC-31 Trucks
PC-32 Cars
PC-33 Motorcycles

PM-31 Ships and warships
PM-32 Sailing boats
PM-33 Submarines

PD-31 Dioramas

PS-01 Planes and helicopters 1/444
PS-02 Planes created untill 1930 1/72
PS-03 Planes created untill 1930 1/48 and bigger
PS-04 Planes with airscrew propulsion 1/72 and smaller
PS-05 Planes with airscrew propulsion 1/48
PS-06 Jet planes 1/72 and smaller
PS-07 Jet planes 1/48
PS-08 Planes 1/32 and bigger
PS-09 Gliders, aviettes, sports planes
PS-10 Airliners
PS-11 Helicopters 1/72 and smaller
PS-12 Helicopters 1/48 and bigger
PS-13 Spaceships

PF-01 Figures on foot 89mm (1/21) and smaller
PF-02 Figures on foot >89mm (>1/20)
PF-03 Horse-drawn figures 54mm (1/32) and smaller
PF-04 Horse-drawn figures >54mm (>1/31)
PF-05 Fantasy figures
PF-06 Torsos

PP-01 Tanks and APC's 1/72
PP-02 Tanks and APC's 1/35
PP-03 Wheeled vehicles 1/72
PP-04 Wheeled vehicles 1.25
PP-05 Self-propelled artillery 1/72
PP-06 Self-propelled artillery 1/35
PP-07 Tracked and wheeled vehicles 1/48
PP-08 Artillery 1/72 and 1/48
PP-09 Artillery 1/35
PP-10 Rail vehicles 1/72
PP-11 Rail vehicles 1/35

PC-01 Trucks
PC-02 Cars
PC-03 Special / Utility vehicles (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances etc.)
PC-04 Racecars, rally and tuned cars
PC-05 Motorcycles 1/24 and smaller
PC-06 Motorcycles 1/16 and bigger

PM-01 Ships and warships 1/700 and smaller
PM-02 Ships and warships 1/400 and bigger
PM-03 Sailing boats
PM-04 Submarines

PD-01 Aviation dioramas
PD-02 Land dioramas
PD-03 Maritime dioramas

PK-01 Aviation collections
PK-02 Land collections
PK-03 Maritime collections
PK-04 Civilian vehicles collecions

PWPcP Everything else that you'll bring

Evaluation rules

Models will be judged by "like, don't like" method.

ISMR members can't  apply for festival judgement, but they can register their models as exhibits.
Models awarded in previous inowroclavian contests can't be registered for judgement.
Judge Committee works overt. Contestants are allowed to be on-site while judges are working.

Contestants are not allowed to talk with judges or make any suggestions using signs or gestures during evaluation. Otherwise they might be disqualified.

dodano: 2018-02-10
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